We Live in Dragon’s peak – 23

Residents of the forest

The man in front of him was almost being eaten by the large wolf magical beast. At the time he diverted his eyes from the gruesome situation, at that little opening between the magical beast and the man, an arrow fled there pass the mist.

Reflectively the magical beast took a step away.

Then the magical beast, turn its body and groaning in vigilant while scowling to somewhere inside the forest.

What’s up, what happened. Who was the one who shot the arrow, I tried to move my body to look at the culprit too, by moving my neck I scan the situation around.

“Inside this forest, I won’t let any filthy blood nor soul of a sinner to defile this place.”

I and the magical beast, and the man who was saved at hair’s breadth, at the end of our line of sight, the one than appeared from inside the forest was a man with intense features who brought along a bow. Wearing a light green leather armor to protect his upper body. His clothes and shoes also green colored, with silk like silver hair that beautifully arranged around his shoulder, and razor like intense features.

Drawing the bow to its limit while aiming at the magical beast, he draw near carefully.

Then, beside his intense face, from the beautiful silver hair, come out a long pointed ear.

Long eared tribes.

I held my breath.

The legendary tribe that being mentioned at numerous tale.

That was the tribe that quietly lived deep inside the forest, honoring the nature, the one that placed a curse that would make someone lost inside the forest, and cut off any connection from outside world.

“Pl, please help me.”

The man was crawling tried to ask help to the long eared tribesman.

But, an arrow fled toward him from another direction, the man screamed in surprise.

“You lowly sinner, do you think you have a qualification to beg for us to save you?”

The long eared tribesman was, wasn’t just the silver haired man alone.

Before we aware of it, there were many of them surround us while preparing their bow. Atop the trees, inside the bushes, and then behind me. At least there were around twenty of them.

There were some with different color but, all of them wore a same armor like the first guy.

Even if our attention were focused to the first guy, we never thought that we would be surrounded by this many of people.

“Kari. What should we do?”

The one behind me opened his mouth.

“Depend on the magical beast. The magical beast, if it back off here then we should just let it go.”

According to what the person behind me said, it seems the first appeared guy’s name was Kari.

The magical beast, at the appearance of so many long eared tribesman, even now it still turn its body while groan in vigilant. Even before several people that brought a bow, it didn’t backed away even a bit.

While the long eared tribes and the magical beast stay vigilant to each other, none of them closed their distances.

“As a magical beast, you should be at least able to comprehend what a person said. Just back off already. If you back off, then we will let you go.”

While saying that, Kira-san fired an arrow at around the magical beast’s feet.

With a sharp sound, the arrow stuck into the ground. Kari-san’s appearance wasn’t looked that strong but, the arrow was considerably fast.

But the magical beast, even after heard Kari-san’s warning, It still groaning at him.

Since a magical beast was cunning, there were some of them that even possess more intelligent than a human.

The magical beast, even with so many people surround it didn’t backed off even a bit, was that means even with this many of long eared tribesman, it thinks that it was still stronger than all of them?

The space filled with a tense mood.

For me, I want it to win against the long eared tribes, if not, I won’t be saved.

Then, please remove this gag, my mouth starting felt extremely disgusting. The wound around my body, especially the arrow wound at my shoulder was so hurt like it was burning. And I can’t feel my numb right hand.

“There’s no other way.”

Someone had come.

The magical beast stand firm.

The long eared tribes pulled the bow string to its fullest.

“All of you, please stop right now.”

At the time they almost fired a deathly blow, I heard a familiar voices. Then, the one that come was Mistral.

She was literally descend here. From atop the forest’s tree, with a thump Mistral get down to the ground.

The descend of the goddess-sama, instead of appeared with such divine-like appearance, Mistral appeared while clad with thirst of blood.

“Guh, princes Mistral.”

Overpowered by the sudden appearance of Mistral, Kari-san groaned.

“Kari-dono, please put off your bow.”

“B, but.”

Mistral’s tone was polite but, her presence while saying that was terrifying.

Even that, Kari-san was hesitate while gazing at the magical beast and me, and also the man.

“O magical beast, you please be obedient too.”

Being told that, the magical beast glared at Mistral. Then the magical beast even while groaning and turned its body, it obviously huddled.

It turn its tail to conceal its stomach. Similar like a dog. The magical beast was obviously frightened by Mistral.

That was, because you’ve being knocked down once right.

“There is no problem with the magical beast. It didn’t harm the forest, so please give toleration to it. Or perhaps, do you think if you let it away, it may hurt old man who livde inside this forest, is that really the case?”

“But, it almost defile the forest with bloods of a sinner.”

Someone of the long eared tribes said that.

“That was it can’t be helped since that was to save this boy. This magical beast was trying to save this boy.”

While saying that, Mistral was pointing toward me.

Eh, the magical beast was saving me? It was the first time I heard it though. After all, wasn’t it was the same magical beast that tend to chase after me thus far?

Moreover after being knocked down by Mistral, it won’t be strange if it hold a grudge toward me.

Did my question shown at my face, Mistral smiled wryly while looking at me.

“First of all, we should treat your wounds.”

After said that, Mistral untie me.

“W, wait, Princes Mistral. You were indeed said that the magical beast was trying to shed a blood to save that boy, but, who is that boy? Why he was tied deep inside the forest, moreover with wounds all over his body.”

While hearing Kari-san’s perplexed words, Mistral was treating my wounds.

After the gag at my mouth was removed, and then I washed my mouth with water. At last the disgusting feeling in my mouth disappeared.

“It may slightly hurt but, if you’re a boy then please endure it, okay.”

Mistral removed the arrow that still stuck at my shoulder.

I attacked by pain for a second but, it immediately cured. Mistral plastered something to my shoulder.

It’s that right, that.

“Pr, princes Mistral.”

The ignored Kari-san was troubled. But Mistral was gave her maximum priority to treat me, silently plaster my wound with nasal mucus panacea.

I shouldn’t think it as a nasal mucus, if I think it as a precious medicine, I won’t think it as something disgusting.

While I was being treated by Mistral, the long eared tribesman and the magical beast, and also the man were waiting in silent.

Mistral was, ‘I will deal with you later’, since Mistral put such atmosphere so there were no one that could oppose it.

After gave me first treatment, Mistral-san stood up and smiled to Kari-san.

“I am sorry, thank you for waiting.”

Um, they’re indeed waiting for quite a while. As for me, I was very grateful for being nursed so nicely by Mistral but, for the one who was waiting it was as clear as day that they would be bewildered.

“Th, then, who is that boy. Why the magical beast was trying to save that boy.”

Kari-san pull himself together and asked that. And then Mistral gave me a hand to stand up.

“This boy is, my future husband.”

Ooh, she said it without any hesitation, instead I’m the one who hung my head and blushed in embarrassment.

“Wai, EH!?”

The long eared tribesman showed their surprised and bewildered expressions.

“And then, this magical beast was interested in this boy so it was following him. It had no intention to hurt this boy at all.”

Mistral said that while glancing at the magical beast.

The magical beast, respond in surprise and continuously nodding its head.

Is that true? Somehow it is hard to believe. But the magical beast seems so docile to Mistral. It still conceal its tail, just because being beat into pulp once, it become much too docile.

But the long eared tribesman were sure strong, so that means, even with all of these long eared tribesman here, Mistral was still stronger….

H, how terrifying…

“H, husband!?”

Seems like at least he could digest the word, but Kari-san was late to voice out his reaction.

“Im, impossible. The esteemed dragon princes from the dragon tribesman, to become a wife for a kid from human tribes was…”


“Why must this kid.”

“Mom, I lose to a kid from human tribes….”

The long eared tribesman folk unanimously leak out their surprise.

“This boy’s name is Ernea. The one that being taught Dragon Sword Dance by the old man at the moss garden.”

Being told by Mistral, the long eared tribesman folks simultaneously looked at me.

“That esteemed person, grant that secret technique to a kid from human tribes?”

“Yes, it seems he judged that this boy has a talent at it.”

“I, I see. It seems he isn’t just an ordinary person.”

Kira-san came near me and gazes fixedly at me.

Wai, so embarrassing,

Somehow I feel like being evaluated.

“Hmm, well then, let’s just left Ernea-dono to Princes Mistral, and then let this magical beast be. But, we definitely won’t forgive those sinner.”

After finished evaluating me, Kari-san with gazes filled with anger, gazed at the man who still sit down at the ground.

Hmm, I just realized it but this man, somehow I feel like I know him.

“They attack his spirit with spiritual art.”

Mistral told me near my ears.

Spiritual arts, when did they used that. It seems that the long eared tribesman could do many thing by using spirit.

Maybe that man, his spirit was paralyzed by the spirit.

“The three other man inside the forest had collapsed. But it seems they are still alive.”

“It seems there was one who running away. But maybe he was already seized by another force.”

From inside the forest, eventually three man who were being tied appeared, followed by several long eared tribesman.

“With this, let’s mutually return now.”

Kari-san and Mistral mutually nodded.

You could go now, said Mistral to the magical beast while waving her hand, the magical beast quietly walk away and disappeared.

After send the magical beast off, Mistral walked while holding my hand.

While parting, Kira-san said it to me.

“Dragon Princes’ husband, be sure to come and play to our village next time.”

With that unexpected words, I turn my face to Kari-san.

Kari-san see us off while floating a cool smile.

It felt like contain something but, maybe that just my imagination.

Mistral seems didn’t particularly care about it, and keep walking while hold my hand.

My big wound was already being treated by Mistral using the panacea but, there are still many scratch at my whole body, it hurt just to move my body.

But I can’t show my weak state to Mistral. So I walk while endure the pain.

For a brief moment I walked with Mistral in silence. After we walked quite far away from the long eared tribesman, Mistral stopped and looks at me.

“I am sorry.”

Mistral apologized with bitter expression.

“Eh? Why Mistral is apologizing? Even though I’m so grateful that you’re come to save me.”

I was confused, I don’t think there was something that would make Mistral need to apologize to me.

“No, I am really no good. This time, I come late when you were facing a danger again.”

Mistral hung her head.

“What are you talking about? Didn’t I was saved by Mistral? At the time at the ancient ruin and this time too, I always safe because of Mistral.”

That’s right. At the time at the ancient ruin, I think I alone won’t be able to beat the black armor that used a cursed sword. This time too, If Mistral didn’t come I don’t know what would those long eared tribesman did to me.

I absolutely think that Mistral isn’t at fault, if I comfort her like that, then she definitely would angry to me.

“On the other hand, you are playing too much with danger. Please learn more prudence till you become an adult.”

“It hurts.”

A fist flying towards me. Even though she was depressed just a moment ago, for now to be angry. You are too unreasonable.

“When I become an adult, is it okay if I poke into many trouble?”

At my words, I got my second demolishing fist.

So hurts.

Please plaster the nasal mucus at your head too.

With teary eyes, I and Mistral walked together side by side in the forest.


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