Muscle Is The Best – 17

Hello there!! Just some quick translate and quick edit, perhaps someday there’d come a day when I’d edit this chapter. I just can’t bear the sleepiness any further so I’ll leave the chapter as it is. See you later^_^

I Kinda Came to Another World – 72

Hello there!! If you were wondering why it took so long to update, the first reason is because the chapter was slightly longer than the others, and secondly was because the content was mainly not about Kitsune, so I quickly depleted my motivation when I was translating. And I was also kinda rushed when I […]

Muscle Is The Best – 16

Hello there!! Kinda sorry for the long absence. I spent almost one month at my hometown with barely internet connection, and also barely ever used my laptop there, I think I only turned it on for four hours overall. And thanks to that, my hands have gotten kinda rusty, that’s pretty much what lead to […]

Summoned Simultaneously to Another World – 9

Hello there!! The chapter sure is short, but after translating it for a while, I can finally tell that the sentences in this novels are actually pretty hard to decipher. Well, I do have the gist of it, but when turning them into english sentences, sometimes the process are pretty taxing compared to the other […]