Summoned Simultaneously to Another World – 9

Hello there!! The chapter sure is short, but after translating it for a while, I can finally tell that the sentences in this novels are actually pretty hard to decipher. Well, I do have the gist of it, but when turning them into english sentences, sometimes the process are pretty taxing compared to the other […]

I Kinda Came to Another World – 71

Hello there!! Sorry for the wait! I have exam starting last week, and a week before that I was pretty much buried under homework over homework. I did have quite free time last week that my schedule weren’t packed all days, but I happened to had some errors with my body. And yeah, because of […]

Muscle Is The Best – 14

Angel Rush!! Well, given how long the delay in contrast to how short the chapter before, I decided to rush this chapter. It’s just it was unexpectedly longer than usual, and the words and sentences were slightly more complicated so do expect many mistakes here and there. Something like that. See you later^_^